• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

‘Angry Birds Reloaded’, ‘Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City’, and ‘Doodle God Universe’ Announced for Apple Arcade


Jun 16, 2021

Three of mobile’s most popular franchises have been announced as coming to Apple Arcade, but not in the previous “+” re-release fashion that we’ve seen but rather as three brand new special editions exclusively for Apple’s paid gaming subscription service. First on the list is perhaps the most well-known and mainstream mobile game franchise in history, Angry Birds, with a new game called simply Angry Birds Reloaded. It promises the classic slingshot gameplay the series is known for but with new environments, a slick art style, both returning characters and new characters from the Angry Birds movies, and even playable Piggies. Check out the trailer.

Next up is the multi-award winning Alto’s series with Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City. The game’s description in the App Store says “Explore a new and unique biome with special hidden challenges, layered among the classic Alto’s Odyssey experience long-term fans know and love.” It’ll feature four unique biomes–The Dunes, The Canyons, The Temples, and The Lost City–as well as six unique characters to unlock and play as, each with their own special attributes and abilities.

Finally the world of Doodle God returns in Doodle God Universe. Use four basic elements of air, water, fire and earth to create hundreds of different elements turn an empty planet into the creation of your dreams. The big twist to this Doodle God formula is that your planet and all of your creations are now presented in full 3D, so you can really see things come to life like never before.

As is usually the case with Apple Arcade these three new games have shown up in the “Coming Soon” section of the Apple Arcade tab in the App Store, but there’s no release dates listed in the store itself. The meta data for all three of the games indicate a release date of July 16th but that data is often unreliable, so we might just have to wait and see when these guys end up actually releasing. One thing that seems sure is that they’re very close on the horizon and should provide even more great experiences to Apple’s already fantastic Apple Arcade service. If you want to discuss these newly-announced games or any of the existing or upcoming games in the service check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forums.