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Call Of Duty: Mobile – Battle Pass And Tiers Explained


Mar 14, 2021

We breakdown the pros and cons of each version of the new Season 2 Call Of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass.

Recently released, the new Season 2: Day of Reckoning update comes with many interesting additions to the game. One of the most anticipated parts of the update was its new battle pass.

Like previous battle passes, the CoD: Mobile Season 2 battle pass has two variants. Each variant has 50 tiers with different rewards distributed throughout them.

There is a free battle pass which provides few rewards, and then there is the premium battle pass which players can buy to earn superior rewards.

Free Battle Pass

  • Tier 4: Razorback – Phantom Limb
  • Tier 8: Antelope A20 – Gas Cloud
  • Tier 14: Scorestreak – Napalm
  • Tier 21: New Weapon – AS VAL
  • Tier 31: Echo – Phantom Limb
  • Tier 38: Charm – Payload
  • Tier 46: Calling Card – Wingman
  • Tier 50: M21 EBR – Phantom Limb

Premium Battle Pass

  • Tier 1: Mace – Back For More
  • Tier 1: HVK-30 – Jumper Cable
  • Tier 10: New Operator – Alex
  • Tier 15: Emote – Smoke Drop
  • Tier 25: ICR -1 – Collapse
  • Tier 30: Mil-Sim – Brute
  • Tier 35: KRM-262 – Eagle Claw
  • Tier 40: M4MLG – Checkpoint
  • Tier 50: Mara – Awakening
  • Tier 50:AS VAL – Judgment
  • Tier 50: Avatar – Back for More

Battle Pass Buying Guide

The Premium battle pass offers two ways to purchase it. Since the pass has lots of rewards, it is important to decide the correct one. Players can buy the normal premium pass, which will land them on tier-1. However, there is also an option to buy the premium battle pass bundle which gives players a head start, unlocking 12 tiers and exclusive rewards instantly including;

  • Glow Stick – Chemical Light
  • Avatar – Reckoning
  • Frame – Urban Frame
  • Charm – Lantern

The normal pass is worth 220 CP, while the bundle will cost 520 CP. If you’re thinking about buying a premium pass, the bundle is definitely worth considering. Especially with it exclusive rewards on top of 12 tiers at a cheaper price.

Feature Image: Activision

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