• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

‘INKS+’ Joins Apple Arcade This Week Alongside Even More Updates Including ‘Pac-Man Party Royale’, ‘Patterned’, ‘Taiko No Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat, and ‘Lumen.’


Jun 25, 2021

Usually, the new games and updates for Apple Arcade roll out over a day but this week has been different. Following the big LEGO Builder’s Journey update earlier in the week, four Apple Arcade games got big updates with even more following today alongside INKS+ from State of Play joining the service as another classic. Read about the LEGO Builder’s Journey and updates from yesterday here. State of Play’s debut Apple Arcade release South of the Circle and the artistic pinball game INKS has joined the service as INKS+. Read our original review of INKS here. You can get INKS+ on Apple Arcade here. Leo’s Fortune+ that was made available for a good amount of time earlier this month was pulled and released on the service today. For updates, two Bandai Namco Entertainment Apple Arcade games, the gorgeous Patterned and lumen. see new content added today. Watch the original INKS trailer below:

Ever since it launched, lumen. has gotten new levels and some levels changed based on feedback with the story continuing. Today, lumen. 1.5 adds 50 new levels with chapter 6 and 7 of the story joining. This update also adds new mechanics and achievements. Borderleap’s Patterned now has more than 850 patterns with more than 75 joining in today’s 4.0 update. The game now supports on-demand downloading for patterns to save space with the ability to share completed puzzles with friends. Pac-Man Party Royale now has leagues in the battle arena alongside support for three save slots. The bigger Bandai Namco Entertainment Apple Arcade update is Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat that now has leaderboards, notices for news and updates, 10 new songs including the 20th anniversary celebration song, and more.

Check out our forum threads for INKS+ here, Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat here, Patterned here, lumen. here, and Pac-Man Party Royale here. Head over to our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. Have you been checking out the new Apple Arcade updates over the last few weeks or are you still catching up with the new games added to the service with the big overhaul?