• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

‘LEGO Builder’s Journey’ on Apple Arcade Just Got a Major Update Adding New Levels, Story Content, and Mechanics to Coincide with the Game’s Launch on Nintendo Switch and PC


Jun 22, 2021

Apple Arcade has seen loads of great games ever since it launched and through the months following including LEGO Builder’s Journey () from LEGO’s Light Brick Studio. It released in late 2019 and we loved it in our original 5 star review. LEGO Builder’s Journey was also included in our best mobile games of 2020 feature. It was a short, memorable, and gorgeous experience. As with many Apple Arcade games, more platforms were revealed and LEGO Builder’s Journey was confirmed for PC and Nintendo Switch featuring ray tracing on PC. Both the PC and Nintendo Switch versions were to be expanded versions of the original Apple Arcade release and they launch later today. The Apple Arcade version of LEGO Builder’s Journey has just gotten updated to 2.0 bringing in an expanded version of the game with new levels, story content, and mechanics. Watch the LEGO Builder’s Journey trailer below:

For the Apple Arcade games I’ve enjoyed a lot, I try and buy them on another platform to replay them or to support the developers. I hope LEGO Builder’s Journey does well on Nintendo Switch so it can get a nice physical release. If you’d like to play LEGO Builder’s Journey and have Apple Arcade, you can get it here. If you’d rather play it on another platform, you can buy it on Nintendo Switch here for $19.99 or PC via Steam when it releases in a few hours. Make sure to head over to our forum thread here for more discussion around Light Brick Studio’s gorgeous short adventure game. It is good to see more developers expand games to more platforms and not forget about the iOS versions. I know a lot of people thought the PC and Nintendo Switch versions would have more levels or content in general and today’s update has the Apple Arcade version up to speed as well. Have you played LEGO Builder’s Journey yet?