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Rob Riches: Reasons to Play this Strategic Treasure-Hunting Puzzler


Nov 22, 2021

Fancy taking a trek through the jungle, or scouring ancient Egyptian temples for long-lost treasure? Megapop’s casual puzzle adventure puts you in the shoes of the daring Rob Riches as he leaps across platforms and evades buzzing blades in search of treasure. That exciting premise aside, here are a few more reasons why you should dive into this game.

Brilliant level design and vibrant artwork across three worlds

From the dangerous depths of the icy North to the hidden labyrinth in the heart of the woods, Rob Riches will stop at nothing to get his hands on valuable coins just ripe for the taking. You’ll navigate simple grids in bite-sized chunks and attempt to overcome obstacles in your way. Each world has a very distinct vibe to it, not to mention unique challenges that are in sync with the environment.

For instance, you might have to rearrange crates that block your path in the jungle, while you’ll have to watch your step on the ice to avoid slipping and sliding down to your demise below. All these are done with charming graphics and an even more charming protagonist, making each level a visual treat.

Simple navigation with intuitive controls

There are no attack buttons to button-mash, no camera angles to rotate, and no jumps to time perfectly. All you need to do is to move Rob Riches up, down, left, and right, and the puzzle will work things out for you. Rob will intuitively move boxes, bounce on trampolines, and collect those coins once he steps on the same block on the grid, so navigating through the levels is easy-peasy.

That’s not to say that the puzzles pose no challenge – on the contrary, every level is varied in its difficulty, so going through each world never feels repetitive.

Ingenious puzzle mechanics with a real sense of adventure

Speaking of the levels, you’ll really have to put on your thinking cap before making a move as your step counter will tell you how efficient you are at collecting those coins. You can also easily meet your demise or get stuck with no way back if you don’t think ahead.

Thankfully, there’s an undo feature where you can take back your previous move, as well as a reset button that brings you back to the beginning of a level for a welcome do-over. While the puzzles can be challenging, these features make the game very forgiving for both newbie treasure hunters and veteran puzzle aficionados alike.

If you’re ready to give it a go, Rob Riches is available to download from the Google Play Store, App Store, as well as on Steam.


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