• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

‘Sparklite’ Release Date Announced for iOS and Android, Discounted Pre-Orders Now Live


Aug 31, 2021

Playdigious previously announced that it is bringing Red Blue Games’ roguelike adventure game Sparklite to iOS and Android this year. Sparklite originally released in 2019 and is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. It even got a nifty physical release thanks to Merge Games. The roguelike adventure set in the ever-changing land of Geodia is coming to iOS and Android on November 9th globally. In Sparklite, you craft gear and take on various enemies in top-down action with a lovely aesthetic. In addition to announcing the Sparklite release date for iOS and Android, Playdigious revealed that current pre-orders and pre-registrations are discounted by 30%. Watch the new Sparklite mobile release date trailer below:

Sparklite can be pre-ordered for $4.99 on the App Store for iOS right now. It will go up to $6.99 when the launch discount ends. If you pre-register for it on Android, you will be able to buy it at the same 30% discount on Google Play. On Android, it will be a free to start release letting players play until the first boss before having to buy the full game. Since Playdigious is handling this release, I expect it to have all the essential features when it releases like controller and cloud save support. Hopefully we get a better glimpse at the mobile port closer to release. Have you played Sparklite before or are you going to play it on mobile this November?