• Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

Ubisoft Reveals ‘Rocksmith+’ an Interactive Music Learning Subscription Service for Mobile, Consoles, and PC with Closed Beta Sign Ups Now Live


Jun 14, 2021

Ubisoft’s guitar music game Rocksmith debuted a decade ago on consoles and eventually made its way to more platforms in the following years. At Ubisoft’s E3 event over the weekend, the company revealed Rocksmith+ for mobile, PC, and consoles. Rocksmith+ is an interactive music learning subscription service that can teach you bass, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar across all your devices. On mobile, the app will include master recordings, real time feedback, and it will be supported for years with new songs, lessons, learning modes, tools, and more. Ubisoft’s Google Play listing mentions thousands of songs to start with and plans to grow the library by millions more in the future. For tools, Rocksmith+ will include Riff Repeater, Video Lessons, MIDI playback, Chord Explorer, and more. Watch the Rocksmith+ announcement trailer below:

Rocksmith+ will also let you use any guitar or bass here through the mobile mic or by plugging in through an audio adapter. Rocksmith+ will also include Rocksmith Workshop letting players add their own arrangements for any songs. Ubisoft says community arrangements will be peer reviewed for quality and then made available on all platforms. In terms of genres, Rocksmith+ will include songs across metal, hip hop, pop, country, and more. If you’d like to sign up for the PC closed beta, you can do so here on the official website. You can also pre-register for Rocksmith+ on Google Play for Android here. As of this announcement, Ubisoft hasn’t revealed a release window or price for the Rocksmith+ subscription. Did you play Rocksmith on any platform before and what would you like to see in Rocksmith+ when it eventually launches?