• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Annapurna Interactive’s Complete iOS Catalogue Including ‘If Found…’, ‘Journey’, ‘The Unfinished Swan’, and More Discounted


Dec 8, 2020

Back in July this year, Annapurna Interactive discounted their complete catalogue on iOS. I continue to enjoy their full output on almost every platform and consider everything from Annapurna Interactive on iOS a must own game. Following the previous catalogue discount, every game published by Annapurna Interactive on iOS is discounted once again including the recently released The Unfinished Swan ($2.99) with other games getting their lowest prices yet on iOS. Florence ($0.99) is a short but superb experience on touch devices while If Found… ($2.99) remains one of the best stories I’ve experienced in a game recently. If you’ve been holding out on a discount for anything from Annapurna Interactive, now is the time to get the games. Watch the trailer for Donut County ($2.99) below:

Barring new releases, Annapurna Interactive also brought some of Sony’s PS3 classics like Flower ($0.99) and the brilliant Journey ($2.99) to iOS. The Unfinished Swan recently hit iOS and it is definitely worth playing. Read my review here. If you aren’t sure what games to buy, I’d recommend Florence, Donut County, and Journey for sure if you just want to try a few games from Annapurna Interactive initially. If Found… is a must play if you like great stories as well. What is your favourite Annapurna Interactive game and what do you hope the company brings to iOS next?