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Apex Legends Patch Nerfs The Devotion And Fixes Rampart Bugs


Aug 21, 2020

Respawn Entertainment is nerfing the Devotion and addressing Rampart bugs in their latest patch.

Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted has launched with quite a few bugs. Thankfully Respawn Entertainment is deploying a patch fixing many of the issues plaguing the game.

Respawn Entertainment deployed a brand-new patch for Apex Legends. The patch aims to fix several of the Rampart bugs and address the Devotion. Both themes are causing players stress and issues in Season 6. The community has been loud and clear about Rampart bugs, sound bugs and the meta causing Season 6 to be unplayable for many.

New patch changes

A lot of the focus of the new patch is to fix the surplus of Rampart bugs since her launch. Bloodline’s character model will no longer stretch their neck and other body parts while using Sheila. Furthermore, the server crashes caused by players on destroyed Sheila turrets should be fixed. As for the AMP Cover, players should not disconnect by placing them down or shooting through two different energy shields.

Furthermore, Respawn Entertainment is beginning to address the Devotion. The LMG will now deal one less damage per round, from 17 to 16.  The Devotion now has higher recoil meaning the gun’s advantage is slightly tuned down. Furthermore, there will be fewer squads running around with as they spawn rate of Devotions has been reduced, alongside the Turbocharger that makes the weapon excel.

The patch also addresses more issues plaguing the game:

  • Reduced number of gold helms, gold backpacks and gold incap shields
  • Rampart’s “Boom” finisher line from playing across the map
  • Kill stat tracking for R-99 not displaying properly

Respawn is committed to paying more attention to the Devotion and other issues in Season 6. As it stands, there are more changes to come, but they could be a few weeks away, according to the Apex Tracker. Overall, this a good start to fixing Season 6, which is a reminder that the devs are always trying to make the best game possible.

Image By: ESPAT/ Timo Verdeil

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