• Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

Atmospheric New Screens Released for ‘Another Tomorrow’ from ‘Forever Lost’ Developer Glitch Games


Dec 2, 2020

Following the release of Veritas back in February, Glitch Games unveiled their newest adventure gaming project this past August with, well, nothing more than a teaser image for a game called Another Tomorrow and a very vague description. But that mattered not, as being the creators of the Forever Lost series in addition to numerous other great adventures, we would be excited for a new Glitch game no matter how little information there was for it. Well it’s been a few months since that initial reveal and even though Thanksgiving in the US last week cut the work week short I didn’t want to skip over these lovely new screens that Glitch have posted of the still very in-the-works Another Tomorrow. Check ’em out.

Now, like all of Glitch’s games, Another Tomorrow is described as a first-person puzzle adventure. And you might look at these screens and wonder what is so first-person about them, unless there is some high-level diorama building going on in this game or something. Alas these are just overviews of the environments you’ll explore through your first-person perspective in Another Tomorrow, and one thing I can say is that these environmental overviews have a tremendous atmosphere to them, with the light fogginess and haze and great use of light sources. You can find some additional tiny clues as to what Another Tomorrow is all about via the descriptions of these new screens in our forums, and we’ll continue to keep an eye on this one as Glitch keeps toiling away at it.