• Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

‘Code Racer’ is a Unique Vehicular Trials Game that You Play by Issuing Programming Commands, Launching this Month


Dec 3, 2020

Developer Hondune is known for the Truck Trials series as well as other typically vehicle-based games, and nothing has changed with that in regards to their new upcoming game Code Racer. It is indeed another vehicle-based game, but this one has a really big twist. Like the Truck Trials games you’ll be making your way through various courses that are set up with different terrain and obstacles with your goal being to make it to the end in one piece. The big twist is that you aren’t controlling your vehicles in a traditional fashion, and instead you are directing them with programming-like sequential commands. Turn left, turn right, speed up, stop… these are all the types of commands you’ll set up ahead of time in Code Racer and then unleash your vehicle into each level to see if your set of instructions will get that vehicle to the goal safely or not. Check out the trailer.

Code Racer will feature more than 100 levels to complete, Daily Challenges, and an online component that will see you square off against other players to see who can code their way through a level faster. The game will also feature 30 different vehicles and, being physics-based, these will no doubt have different levels of weight and handling. Currently the Android version of Code Racer is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store, and the game is hoping to launch on both iOS and Android at some point in mid-December. In the meantime you can check out the thread in our forums for more.