• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

‘Deemo II’ from Rayark Gets a New iPhone Gameplay Video, Worldwide Closed Beta Test Planned


Aug 2, 2021

Deemo II, the story-driven rhythm game and sequel to the excellent Deemo ($1.99), was previous announced without confirmed platforms. The first Deemo II teaser video confirmed an Android release and we finally saw the interface for the actual levels as well. A few days ago, Rayark showcased some exploration and interactions in a brand new gameplay video captured on an iPhone that has Echo interacting with and exploring the train station. The short clip has an introduction from the Deemo II producer who revealed plans for a worldwide closed beta. Watch the new Deemo II gameplay video with some iPhone gameplay below:

If you’ve not been following Deemo on mobile much, the remake, Deemo Reborn hit mobile following its PC and console release. Read our review of the original Deemo here. Deemo II for iOS and Android is being developed by JetGen who handled Deemo Reborn for PS4. As of now, there’s no release date but you can pre-register for Deemo II on Google Play for Android here. The gameplay video linked above has a form you can fill up to be considered for the closed beta as well. Check out the official website for Deemo II here and our forum thread for the original. Have you played Deemo and Deemo Reborn yet?