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‘DeLight: The Journey Home’ is a Unique Narrative Adventure Arriving on Mobile and Desktop November 19th


Oct 28, 2020

A little over 3 years ago developer DreamTree Games caught our attention with their title Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek due to the extremely unique way in which the game utilized the actual user interface elements––like your life bar, option menu symbols, etc.––as objects inside the game world that you’d use to solve puzzles as you progressed. Now DreamTree is back with another really unique concept in their upcoming game DeLight: The Journey Home, this time focusing around a main character names Sammy who has recently become blind. Sammy is trying to journey through her city during wartime in order to reunite with her parents. It’s the type of task that would be fairly trivial for the sighted, but is extremely difficult for Sammy now that she can’t see.

The game portrays Sammy’s blindness with a sort of fog-of-war effect that initially shows the game world in total blackness save for the small circle surrounding Sammy, and the more you’re able to move her around and explore the more of the world is revealed to you as the player. Sammy seems to run into one roadblock after another during her travels, and it feels kind of like the entire world is against her until she happens upon a little stray dog named Deli who takes it upon himself to help Sammy out. Dogs are truly a treasure. Check out the trailer to see DeLight and its unique mechanics in action.

DeLight looks like an interesting story told in an interesting way. You’ll make choices throughout your adventure that will affect the story and the outcome of the game, and even prior to its release DeLight has earned various accolades for its storytelling. It’s set to launch on desktop and mobile on November 19th, and you can pre-order it for free on the iOS App Store here or pre-register for the Android version on the Google Play Store here. Additionally you can Wishlist it on Steam if you’re interested in playing on PC. We’ve already seen the unique experiences DreamTree is capable of producing with Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek so we will very much be looking forward to seeing what DeLight: The Journey Home is all about when it arrives next month.