• Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

‘PUBG Mobile’ Version 1.7 with the Arcane Collaboration Is Now Live Bringing in Mirror World Mode and More


Nov 16, 2021

Now that PUBG: New State has launched (link) on iOS and Android, PUBG Mobile (Free) continues to get its big content updates and fixes with today’s big 1.7 patch. The PUBG Mobile 1.7 download size is 1.68GB on iOS and 690MB on Android. The highlights are the new Mirror World where two dimensions merge. You can fight as heroes from League of Legends’ Arcane including Jinx, Caitlyn, Vi, Jayce, and more alongside new weapons and skills. Royale Pass Month 5: Mirror Realm goes live from November 19th until December 19th as well. For returning modes, Vikendi, Metro Royale, Runic Power, and more will be back. Watch the PUBG Mobile Arcane trailer below:

Metro Royale returns on November 22nd with the new Carry feature while Survive Till Dawn arrives on the 25th and it will be available from Thursday to Saturday. The other modes roll out over the rest of the month. Barring the new Royale Pass and Arcane Collaboration, this update brings in combat changes for Marskman Rifles, DP28, a new Carry Feature, improved in-match information presentation, download screen improvements, and more. Full patch notes including all the returning modes being added in the update are here. Do you still play PUBG Mobile regularly and did you try out PUBG: New State yet on iOS and Android?