• Sat. Aug 20th, 2022

Remastered PC Classics Compilation ‘Neighbours Back From Hell’ Is Out Now on iOS Worldwide, Android Releasing Today


Aug 3, 2021

Neighbours back From Hell ($4.99) debuted on PC and consoles as a remastered collection of the original Neighbours from Hell games and it was revealed for iOS and Android through the excellent Handy Games. If you’ve not played the originals, Neighbours back From Hell sees you playing as Woody trying to get revenge on his neighbour in season 1 around his residence and season 2 has you pranking your neighbour all over the world on a vacation. All of this is done alongside a TV crew filming everything. Watch the Neighbours back From Hell trailer below:

Neighbours back From Hell includes the original games rendered in HD at a higher frame rate for this remaster, Game Center support on iOS and Google Play services on Android, full controller support, and more. If you’d like to play it on iOS, you can buy Neighbours back From Hell for $4.99 on the App Store right now. The Android version isn’t live yet but you can pre-register for it here (where it will be sold for $4.99 as well). I’m glad Handy Games is continuing to bring premium games to mobile with all the features a good mobile conversion includes. If you missed Handy Games’ previous release, check out Chicken Police. Head over to our Neighbours back From Hell forum thread here for discussion around the compilation and the mobile release. Did you play the original Neighbours From Hell games or the remastered release on PC and consoles?