• Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

‘Slime Labs’ is a Physics-Based Platformer from the Maker of ‘Super Cat Tales’ that’s Launching Next Month


Feb 9, 2021

Developer Gionathan Pesaresi, better known as Neutronized, is pretty much always up to something. Just last month we saw the release of the clever block-sliding puzzler Picnic Penguin (Free), and during the announcement of that game Neutronized also confirmed that there’s another proper Super Cat Tales game in the works. This is in addition to the incredibly unique Super Cat Tales spin-off game that was announced last summer that’s also still in active development. Well, amidst all of that, Neutronized has yet another new game coming out in about a month’s time called Slime Labs. It’s a physics-based platformer where you play as a giant green slime, and because you’re a slime you can do all sorts of cool things like split yourself in two, grow or shrink in size, squeeze yourself through tight passages, and much more. Check out the trailer for Slime Labs below.

Long-time Neutronized fans may remember Slime Labratory and its sequel Slime Labratory 2 that were released by Neutronized as Flash games back in the early 2010s, and it appears that this new Slime Labs release may be something of a compilation or at the very least include some of the levels from either of those original games. Which is fantastic, as those originals are highly regarded and it would be great to experience them on mobile. You also may remember that this plucky little slime has shown its face on iOS before back in early 2018 in a collaboration between Neutronized and Nitrome called Slime Pizza (Free), a game that we absolutely loved. Based on all of this, and based on the pedigree of Neutronized in general, I’m really excited to get my hands on Slime Labs when it arrives on March 10th, and if you’re excited too you can pre-order it on the iOS App Store right now.