• Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

‘Splitgate’ Developer 1047 Games Wants to Get the ‘Halo’ Meets ‘Portal’ PvP Shooter to Mobile and Nintendo Switch with Cross Play


Aug 16, 2021

Splitgate is a free to play PvP shooter that feels like Portal meets Halo. It recently exploded in popularity going from about 11k concurrent players to 200k very quickly following a period where it wasn’t very popular. It is now available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms as of now and it was delayed one day before launch with a rare instance of the community supporting the decision. In a recent Q&A session (1:19:00 onwards) (via NME), developer 1047 Games mentioned that a mobile and Nintendo Switch release is part of the game’s vision. They also want to do mobile cross play but that would take a lot of work. It is good to see both mobile and Nintendo Switch planned. If you haven’t played Splitgate yet, watch the gameplay trailer below for the PC and console release:

As of now, a Splitgate mobile and Nintendo Switch release date is likely far away but it is great that these are being considered. With games like Warframe coming to mobile with full cross progression and cross play following games like Minecraft and Fortnite (when it was available on iOS), hopefully we are getting closer to a time when all the popular multiplayer games will let you play anywhere with friends by logging in and getting your progress synced up. If you’d like to check Splitgate out before it comes to any other platforms, you can play it for free on Steam, PS4, or Xbox right now. Hopefully we get some news on the mobile and Nintendo Switch versions this year. Have you played Splitgate yet?

[Source: NME]