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Strategy Shoot ‘Em Up Hybrid ‘Knights in the Knightmare’ Is Getting Remastered for Mobile and Nintendo Switch in Japan This Year


Jun 23, 2021

Over the years, Sting has announced Yggdra Union and Gloria Union to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch in Japan. The former was localised by Atlus USA in the West while the latter is yet to see an English release on anything. Both remasters and ports were only announced and released on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch in Japan initially. As of now, no English release has been even hinted at. Today, Sting announced yet another remaster for the trio of platforms in the form of Knights in the Nightmare Remaster. Knights in the Nightmare released on Nintendo DS and PSP and was released in North America in 2009 and 2010 on those two platforms by Atlus USA (now known as Atlus West). Knights in the Nightmare is a strategy shoot ’em up hybrid. It was available digitally on the PS Store for both PSP and PS Vita until 2019 when it was delisted. Watch the original Knights in the Nightmare trailer below:

Despite owning it digitally on PS Vita through the PSP version, I never got around to playing much of Knights in the Nightmare. At this point I feel like waiting for an English release of this remaster is a lost cause considering Sting is yet to release any of the new versions in English so I’m going to hope that a third party localization house and publisher can bring these over. The original PSP version of Knights in the Nightmare even included Yggdra Union digitally. As of now, Sting hasn’t revealed any details for Knights in the Nightmare Remaster barring that it is planned for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch release this year. A price point hasn’t been announced and I assume it will include the PSP-exclusive content when it does arrive. Have you played any of the Atluslocalized Sting games like Knights in the Nightmare or Yggdra Union yet?

[Source: Gematsu]