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Valve Drops Dota Plus Spring 2021 Update With New Guild Tier Rewards


Mar 2, 2021

ESTNN takes a closer look at what the new Dota Plus Spring Update has brought in for the players.

Valve releases seasonal Dota Plus updates, refreshing the content and providing features for its subscribers. The developers have updated Hero Relics, Turbo update, a new seasonal treasure to purchase and refreshed guild quests and rewards.

Hero Relics

Updates to Hero Relics enable players to earn bonus Hero XP for advancing to the next level by increasing their stat values. For example, Invoker has a relic for “Euls leading to kill”. If players can kill 10 enemy heroes using Euls, the relic will advance to Level Two, granting Hero XP for Dota Plus hero level. Players receive five Hero XP per level up for Common Relics and 30 Hero XP per level up for Rare Relics.

They have also changed the shards required for purchasing each Relic. Now players need 1,600 shards for random Common Relics and 8,000 shards for random Rare Relics. The possibility of duplicate relics is now completely removed.

Turbo Functionality

The developers have now added Hero Relics and Hero Challenges to the Turbo mode which is a fast-paced unranked game mode in Dota 2. However, the Hero Relics will progress at half the pace of a normal or ranked game and Hero Challenges can only grant one star.

New Seasonal Treasure

The Dota Plus seasonal treasure is up for grabs. Exclusive to Dota Plus members, the treasure features new sets for Bloodseeker, Windranger, Clockwerk, Slark, Lich, Broodmother, Sand King, Drow Ranger, Pugna, Juggernaut, and Magnus. The treasure also contains Mango The Newt courier with random prismatic and kinetic gems as a very rare drop.

Latest Seasonal Quests and Guild Rewards

New Dota Plus brings updated seasonal quests and guild rewards, which contribute 115,200 shards over the course of the season. New guild rewards for respective tiers include omgomni, diredance and swiz emoticon for silver tiers. Wyvern Kiss, Bananaphone and Zen spray for gold tiers. Lastly, the chat wheel voice lines include “Looking Spicy”, “唉唉唉!唉?唉 …” and “Это ГГ”.

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